Queen Tank Top

Nothing makes your clothes look good on you as much as strong broad shoulders that gives you the classic “V” taper. Now we here at Aware want you to look good in your clothes as well as without them.

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Here are a few exercises to help you pack up some beef on those shoulders

1. Dumbbell Press or Overhead press

The Dumbbell overhead press is a classic shoulder workout that involves pressing weights straight upwards from the shoulders until the arms are locked out. This exercise puts stress on the entire shoulders and helps define the shoulder head. This can be performed using barbells too but we present the Dumbbell version. Take a look at the video below by Howcast

2. Dumbbell front raises

The front raises are a targeted exercises that primarily work the anterior deltoids or shoulders. To do this exercise, you need to stand with your legs should width apart and raise the dumbbell with your arms straight, one arm at a time, and bring the weight to eye level. Be careful not to strain yourself by lifting too heavy.

Here is a demonstration video by ScottHermanFitness

Scott Herman here demonstrates a version where the wrist is not turned down when the weights are raised.

3. Dumbbell bent over lateral raises

Bent over lateral raise or shoulder fly is  a great finisher to work your lateral shoulder muscles as well as your side delts. Remember to be slow and deliberate to squeeze out the best out of your exercise; and  to bend your knees slightly to ease the pressure off your lower back.

See Instructionalfitness demonstrate the bent over lateral raises.

4. Calisthenics movement for shoulders

It is not always necessary to have weights to develop your shoulder muscles. Free weights exercise or bodyweight only exercises can be performed to great effect and possibly much safer too. See Brendan Meyers demonstrate a set of body weight shoulder exercises.


Doing the above exercises will definitely make your shoulders stand out. But to look good when exercising in the gym, our Aware Soho Tank Tops are the best wearable accessory. Buy Aware Soho Tank Tops from our website. Click the link for more options for your gym wardrobe.