Time is precious. With other demands taking up a large part of it, hardly any of it is left to devote to achieving that great looking physique one wants. Free times are best spent reclining and relaxing in front of the tele with your favourite ale watching Sunday football.
But one reminisces, in the few moments flexing muscles in front of the mirror, to the days of the past long gone when those bulging muscles were more common as was the very high metabolism that kept the calories away from a near perfect abdomen.


For those of you reading and sighing at the knowledge that gym memberships are only spent to be as far away from them as possible, a short burst of exercise may not be bad at all. Research says it is good for health and the possibility for finally looking good in your underwear or your swimwear.

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Wait, before you roll your eyes up and decide to catch that video on Cracked, how about spending 15-20 minutes a day within the privacy of your home or even the bathroom to reach closer to that goal?

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If you have decided to dive in and go for that physique, and are already harbouring dreams of how you would make an entrance in your underwear when you are finally in shape, here are 6 exercises that can be completed within 15-20 minutes a day.

1. Squats: Squats build your foundation and a great exercise to get your metabolism up. In addition they will bulk those thighs and glutes up, and fit into your briefs. If you do not know how to do one, check out the video below

2. Push Ups: How many of these can you do today? Go ahead, try it out. Push Ups are one of the best upper body exercises to do.

3. Pull Ups: Now if you find Push Ups hard, the Pull Ups are going to make you feel like a wuss. A great back strengthener, it also is very difficult to do especially if you have been letting the signs of prosperity to develop around your midsection

4. Crunches: Start working on the abdominals and as your body begins to get chiselled by the fat loss your six-packs start showing.

5. Burpees: So far so good for building strength, how about seeing how much stamina you have left. Burpees, just a few of them, will make you wanna toss out the whole idea of getting into shape.

6. Mountain Climbers: The final squeeze would be to finish it off with Mountain climbers and no, they are not as easy as they seem.

None of them need any equipment to get started but you can pile on a few when you see yourself getting stronger. If you do not have a bar to do Pull Ups, you can try to do close grips ones on the door. Make sure the door is strong enough to hold your weight.

These exercises would save you the money on Gym Memberships.

Ideally to being with you can do a fix set of repetitions for each exercise, such as

25 x Squats
15 x Push Ups
10 x Pull Ups
10 x Burpees
10 x Mountain Climbers

Some of you may be able to do this quite quickly, others might find it difficult. The goal is to keep doing it as your strength increases and once you find this is easy then repeat the entire cycle with 30 seconds break in between. Keep the breaks between the exercise sets to a bare minimum and do as many cycles as you can within 15 minutes or the time limit you have.

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If you can do this and add a bit of fruits to your diet, getting that physique within a few months may be within an easy grasp.


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