AWARESoho shop (now closed)

It was 2001 and I was getting bored with my job as a lawyer. A friend of mine had just joined a new gym and was moaning that he could not find decent pair of briefs in London that had a bit of personality ; « underwear is just white, white and white with the occasional pair of black boxer briefs » he said. So we decided to start our own brand of underwear with lots of colours and prints and we called it AWARE.

We opened our first men’s underwear shop on the King’s Road (Chelsea – London) and the success was immediate ! We were interviewed by the Financial Times, the Guardian, ITV, the BBC, everyone wanted to a piece of what was actually the first ever men’s underwear shop in London and maybe even in the world. We did incredibly well and then decided to open three more men’s underwear shops in Covent Garden, Carnaby Street and finally Soho.

That Soho store on Old Compton Street became such an institution that the word Soho was integrated to our brand name in 2009 in order to reflect the strong connection that our underwear company had with London.

Sadly, after ten years in retail, we were forced to close down our underwear shops as commercial rents in London escalated to silly levels and it simply did not make sense to have brick and mortar shops. So we went online and started developing wholesaling our underwear collections instead. Aware Soho is now present in 8 countries around the world and we regularly get asked to supply new shops.

To this day, Aware Soho is the first and only underwear company that has its roots firmly based in London, probably the most avant-garde and exciting city in the world ! This feeds not only our underwear and swimwear designs but also our philosophy. We are a World Brand, just like London is a World City. We employ people from the UK, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, India, Hong Kong etc.

We are very proud of our London heritage at Aware Soho and we strive to bring that quintessentially British flair into your underwear drawer.

Aware's owner, Oliver G
Aware’s owner, Oliver G

At Aware Soho, we want you to forget you are actually wearing underwear. That’s how comfortable our boxers and briefs are !


Since 2011, the Aware Soho Britishness is also visible on the beach too as our swimwear collection is constantly growing and getting more exciting summer after summer.

Everywhere, every day someone new is becoming Aware.

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